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10th Anniversary Race for Women’s Wellness
It was a decade ago that about 200 people gathered to run the first Race for Women's Wellness. The attendance was modest the first year, but the concept was magnanimous: to raise money to provide mammograms to women who could not afford one.
Mark Shachner, MD — Doctor on the Run (pdf)
It all started with one test result. But this time, Dr. Mark Shachner, a general surgeon who specializes in breast, thyroid and colon cancer, wasn’t the one relaying the results. Instead, he was on the receiving end.
No More Incisions to Cure Chronic Gastric Reflux
A new medical technique foregoes the incisions in the procedure that is performed to resolve chronic gastric reflux, a condition that some people consider normal but which could put at risk the life of the person who suffers from it.
On The Spot with Mark Shachner (pdf)
The Coral Springs & Parkland Forum stopped to talk with Dr. Mark Shachner, Medical Director for the Coral Springs Medical Center's Women's Diagnostic & Wellness Center. Click here to read more (pdf).
The Lisa Boccard Fund for Breast Cancer Victims (pdf)
Many women live in denial of the thought of being a breast cancer victim. Unfortunately, the reality is that every woman is a potential target of breast cancer regardless of age or family history. Fortunately, one of the best allies for survival is early diagnosis. That's why annual mammogram screenings are recommended. Click here to read more (pdf).

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